Outdoor Laser Tag is an awesome scenario based game perfect for anyone over 7yrs old.  There's no mess, no pain, no heavy armour to wear, no masks required and the markers are conveniently lightweight and easy to use. 

The Laser Tag field has hidden bunkers, ferns, a creek, high and low vantage points and plenty of trees - all adding to the excitement factor as you stalk your opponents. Screening from our Paintball fields seperates play and you still have access to our covered BBQ area and viewing platforms.

So how does the Laser Tag marker work?

The clever people at Tippman have adapted their paintball markers adding the high-tech Eagle Eye Laser Tag system, and we've imported the final product in from the USA so you can get to experience this awesome activity at Hinterland Adventures venue at Horotiu, Hamilton

The action of pulling the trigger creates a ‘bang’ sound and activates the infra-red signal, shooting it at the opposition team player, while the receiver keeps track of all the hits. A hit to the receiver from any angle will record a hit, that's when you start walking back to the re-entry point before re-joining the game!

Outdoor Laser Tag is for everyone

It’s the perfect game for groups or individuals concerned about the perceived mess or pain of traditional paintball or for those not old enough to enjoy the full Paintball experience. It’s fantastic for hen parties, work do's, younger players, birthday parties, social clubs, sports teams, corporate outings and schools. Minimum age is 7 years old and you'll need 8 or more players to make it happen, find the packages on our pricing page.

Outdoor Laser Tag cannot be played in the rain. The electronic component on the top of the marker doesn't like water!! When you make your booking talk to us about options for if the weather packs in.

We currently have 16 Laser Tag markers, but if you've got more than 16 players don't panic, we'll split you into smaller teams and run a fun competition between you all. Another great option for your group is to add in Paintball Target Shooting. We've got a specially designed Paintball Target Range set up with heaps of cool targets of possums, deer, rabbits, pigs etc it's close to the Laser Tag action and undercover, so you can have a blast at Laser Tag then try your hand at using a 'real' Paintball marker without shooting anyone. We run a fun competition across both activities which keeps things competitive and heaps of fun.  Visit our price list page for pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can we play Laser Tag if it's raining?
A: No, if it's really raining hard we can't run the games as the electronics don't appreciate getting wet! However, normally showers are fine as we've got undercover areas we can camp out in if necessary. 

Q: What should we wear and bring to our event?
A: Older clothing and closed in footwear are a good idea. You can hire overalls from us if you'd like for $5pp. We do provide water to drink but your own water bottle is also advisable. 

Q: How long do the games last for?
A: You'll be with us for about 1.5 hours. As we don't limit your ammunition or 'health' on the marker during your session we'll play as many games as we can. Each game will be approximately 10 mins long.

Q: How old do I have to be to play Laser Tag?
A: Each player must be over 7 years old - there's no upper age limit

Q: Does it hurt when I get shot?
A : No, the lasers are completely harmless, you'll feel nothing at all but will hear your gun beep!

Q: Do we have to pay extra to play another game?
A: No, however we do run to a time frame - each booking has it's own slot - so as long as you're within your time frame it's completely fine. 

Q: We've got one player who's under 7 yrs old ..can we do anything for them?
A: Yes, we can offer you Paintball Target Shooting for that child, talk to your facilitator on the day about adding this into your event. See our pricing page for costings. 

Contact us today or call 0800 22 66 54 to find out more or to book your game.

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