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It’s the fastest growing sport in the USA, has professional leagues and players all over the world and with phenomenal popularity both in Australia and New Zealand, Hinterland Adventures is helping Paintball go nuts here in Hamilton!! To find out more click Paintball Hamilton

This action packed game is perfect for any group and is sure to get your adrenalin rushing. Paintball Hamilton is one of the leading Paintball fields in the Waikato and provides you with the full Paintballing experience. Crawl among trees, ferns, a gully and creek in the bush-field plus enter the fast and furious zone of the speedball field! Visit the Paintball Hamilton page to find out more.

Paintball Laser Tag has arrived in the Waikato. This new take on the popular sport removes the need for paintballs and uses lasers to shoot other players. It's a no impact alternative for those wanting to have some outdoor team fun but who don't fancy paintball. We've imported the very latest technology from the USA and using Tippmann markers loaded with a laser sensor you get the full experience. Played on our new bush/gully field it's exciting, fast and heaps of fun. Call us today to find out more on 0800 22 66 54 . Paintball Laser Tag will have it's own webpage really soon. For packages visit our pricing page. Minimum age is 7years old. Minimum group size is 8 players.

Fancy a game of Paintball at a cool corporate location? Or keen to hold a mini tournament with your mates on your farm? No problem.We've got heaps of inflatable bunkers which form a speedball field that can be set up in loads of places throughout the Waikato (conditions apply). Check out the Mobile Paintball page for details on how we can bring the fun to you.

It’s hard telling a 10 year old they can’t play Paintball because their too young…so we devised the Paintball Target Range to satisfy even the youngest wannabe players.  Perfect not only for the young ones, but older ones too, who don’t want to get dirty! The Target Range incorporates numerous items to fire at and is loads of fun as an alternative to the real game. 

The other option for wannabe paintballers is Outdoor Laser Tag - a fun new way to enjoy the outdoors with laser guns for those 7yrs and up. Visit our Laser Tag page for more details.

Paintball is an action packed fun group activity that everyone can and does enjoy.  Hinterland Adventures prides itself on maintaining high safety standards and procedures ensuring our customers & our 100% safety record remain intact. Health and Safety reports are also available on request.

So what are you waiting for? Come out and enjoy the ultimate in outdoor games with Hinterland Adventures Paintball.

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