Hinterland Paintball Club

Keen to get some extra Paintballing fun?  Wanna use that marker that's sitting in the cupboard?  Can't find any mates who are up for playing!?!

Well, come join our Paintball club to solve your problem...:0)

Held on the third Sunday of every month - dates are below - from 10am through to 2ish. Club members receive awesome deals on club days.

How does it work? To join the club simply register when you arrive. There'll be endless games over all 3 fields (2 x bush, 1 x speedball). The inflatable field is often in play as well.


$15 field charge if you're bringing your own gear or $20 to hire ours 

Paintballs - all paintballs must be purchased through us

Receive a $5 discount per box when you play & purchase paintballs on Club Day                     

Meteor -  $55 per box of 2000, $15 per bag of 500, $10 per 100
Elixor -    $60 per box of 2000, $17 per bag of 500
Delos -    $65 per box of 2000, $20 per bag of 500

$5 air fills and $8 CO2 fills (please note if you require CO2 just let us know before the day so we can bring the bottle down to the field - as we normally run air).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What happens if it's raining on the day?
A. If it's tipping down with rain we'll post a notice on facebook - so if we cancel we'll make that call by 8am on the day.

Q. Do I need a group of mates or can I come along on my own?
A. Just come along on your own, groups are fine too but it's not necessary. There's enough individuals to make teams up. 

Q. Can I bring my own gear? 
A. Yes, you're welcome to bring along your own gear. Paintballs, however must be purchased through us. 

Q. I'm a bit nervous about being surrounded by professional players...is that the case?
A. No, not at all. Some guys who run their own gear get right into it dressing in camo but there's no pressure to do that. All the players are really friendly and novices are more than welcome. So don't be intimidated....truely, they wont' bite you....but they may shoot you!!! 

If you're keen to come along...tell all your mates....it's good times. (nb. all members must be over 11yrs old) If you're keen to join just flick us a quick message - fb, text (021*301*381) or email Sam - sam@hinterland.co.nz thanks.

Club Days 2014
16th March
13th April - nb this is a week earlier than normal due to the 3rd Sunday falling on Easter weekend
18th May
15th June
20th July
17th August
21st September
19th October
16th November
14th December - nb this is a week earlier than normal due to the 3rd Sunday being just before Christmas day

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