Mobile Paintball Airfield Played on the state-of-the-art inflatable air field, this mobile bunker of fun will come to you.

With over 20 shapes to hide behind and limited time you’ll be fighting it out to capture the centre flag & gain valuable points for your team. Strategic planning, risk taking whilst working together & constantly communicating are essential ingredients for your team to succeed.

The bunkers different shapes and soft nature enable the paintballer to use the bunker how ever he sees fit. With close quarters such as these, you'll find yourself sprinting, sliding and diving to stay in the game.

Alternatively we are able to set up a mobile paintball field within a suitable wooded area where we will utilise existing trees for cover.

This fast paced game consists of two teams and a flag placed in the centre of the field. The objective of each team is to capture the flag and hang it at the opposing teams end. Before this happens you must eliminate the opposition. An elimination occurs when a paintball hits a player (including his/her gun) once a player is eliminated he is out of that round and must exit the field and wait in the designated area, once all players have been eliminated and/or flag hung the game is over untill the next round commences. It's all go!!


Mobile Paintball Airfield
  • Minimum age of 11yrs
  • Minimum group size of 12 players – no maximum group size – the more the merrier!
  • Bookings in advance are essential – times are normally available to suit you – we operate 7 days a week
  • The session lasts for 2 hours (2hour packages only available for mobile Paintball) – see our pricing page
  • All the safety gear & equipment is provided
  • Please note travel & setup fee applies
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