If you like the idea of Paintball without the exercise, or maybe you’re holding a kids birthday party and they are too young for the real thing, or perhaps your corporate function needs an activity where people won’t get dirty, whatever your reason our Paintball Target Shooting Range is for you. A great alternative to the real game it’s fully re-locatable and can be enjoyed by any age – we’ve even had 2 year olds give it a go!

There are a variety of targets hung at the end of a shooting range that can challenge even the most confident shooter. You get a predetermined number of Paintballs (if your range is set up away from our site) to shoot at the targets and prove how good a shot you are. Competitions can be run or you can just shoot for fun.We normally set up the range on the edge of our bush field, so you can also have a go at shooting some trees/barricades/bridges etc. Willing parents who offer to be moving targets are always a big hit! (mask is of course included).

As the range is re-locatable it can be set up at most venues that have some outdoor space. It's affordable too check out the price list page for details on the cost of Target Shooting.

A great option is to combine Paintball Target Shooting with Laser Tag for a full session of fun.

The Target Shooting Range can also be combined into our Fun Team Days page as one of the activity stations.

Call us on 0800 22 66 54 or 07 850 1381 for further information

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